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When I decided to go into the food business my choice was predicated on one consideration and one only – I liked food!  If I was going to spend the rest of my working life trying to persuade people to buy something it made sense for it to be a thing that I felt a certain affinity with.  I gave very little consideration to such factors as the likely competition, still less to questions of storage, perishability and potential wastage.


On the other hand I had acquired enough personal acumen by that time to have taken account of certain truisms.  Like, for instance, the fact that everyone ate food, and that potentially my market extended therefore to some seven billion people.  Trends in clothing change, cars go out of vogue, but people were not going to stop eating food any time soon.


So on the basis of one rather self-evident truth my business was established, and built.  But just as the food industry has its drawbacks, so every other line or product has its strong points.  Specialist niche markets may not have the mass appeal of pizzas or pies, but they tend by their nature to attract far less competition.  Every business idea has its strengths and weaknesses.


Whatever Your Line, This is Your Blog


This is why for the purposes of this blog I wanted to cast the net as wide as possible.  Not just concentrating on my own area of business, but upon business itself. Whatever the product you sell or the service you offer, the entrepreneurial principle is pretty much the same.  There is room for all of us, and working together in a business environment we help each other to prosper.


I want to hear about your experiences, read your anecdotes, and consider your advice and perspectives.  By posting on this blog you will have an audience for your thoughts amongst a large and growing community – over a thousand interested visitors each and every week.  By referring visitors back to your own website you create a valuable backlink as well as building an audience for your work.


Announce Yourself – If You Wish


The only conditions for posting on my blog are that you engage with honesty and keep the subject matter relevant to the topic of business.  Beyond that the floor is absolutely yours. Typically contributions are between 400 and 800 words in length, and I reserve the right to correct typos or amend erroneous information, but beyond that I will keep any editing to an absolute minimum.


Contributors are also welcome to request anonymity if that is what you prefer, but equally if you want your piece to carry your name and profile then that is fine too.  For my part the object of the exercise is to host a wide portfolio of authors with a whole load of different angles, subjects and perspectives to keep it interesting and to keep our growing number of visitors coming back here regularly for more.