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About Phil

My name is Phil Hustead and I am a business consultant based in London.


I have always had a passion for business, ever since a friend and I decided to sell yo-yos at a profit in the school playground at the age of ten.  When we’d made enough money we would excitedly take it along to the sweet shop and buy chocolate. That was how I discovered my second passion – food!


My uncle Peter is a professional chef and when I was younger I used to avail myself of any opportunity open to me to accompany him to work.  At the young age of nineteen I decided to break out on my own and set up in business, and needless to say it had to do with food. This began with me cooking stuff in my mother’s kitchen and has since then blossomed into a large, thriving enterprise employing over one hundred people.


A Life-Changing Event


What I hadn’t seen coming though was a car crash at the age of 23 which left me not only partially paralysed, but also lacking in confidence and self-esteem.  But I used the dark days of my recovery to develop my business skills, compensating for my new-found social awkwardness by learning about business strategy, management and growth.


As my confidence began to return to me I found that not only did I excel in the food business, but also now in the wider field of business management and innovation.  I decided to put these talents to good use by branching out into the events industry, and that was what led to the exponential levels of growth which my business went on to achieve.


This in turn allowed me to take a step back from the day to day running of things, and to extend my involvement to offering advice through a dedicated consultancy service, which is what I am doing today.  This has included mentoring, and sharing my skill sets with other budding entrepreneurs within a whole range of industries, as well as pursuing a third passion brought upon me by circumstance – supporting and raising funds for charities for victims of life-changing illnesses and accidents.


Developing New Business Ideas


My blog is the latest tool through which I have been able to offer encouragement, advice and the benefit of my considerable experience to others starting out along the road to success, the road that I first trod so tentatively all those years ago.  I know it isn’t easy, I know most of the pitfalls, but I also know how rewarding the experience of success can be at the end of it all.


I am looking to develop this modest project into a veritable hive of business intelligence and information, a one-stop shop for anybody looking to set up on their own in a competitive and often bewildering world of commerce.  I hope you will continue to visit, and even hopefully lend a hand in what looks to be a most useful and rewarding venture.